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All outdoor furniture requires periodic simple cleaning and care in order to maintain its original appearance. All maintenance supplies such as cleaners, wax and protectants are available at any Patio 1 location. Use of outdoor furniture covers adds to the longevity.

01 — Metal frames with powder coat finishes

Clean with mild-soap and water, then rinse thoroughly semi-annually or as needed. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Look for any nicks and/or scratches, which must be repaired by sanding lightly and touching-up with matching paint. Then protect the finish by applying outdoor furniture wax at least twice a year. This wax is necessary to rejuvenate the finish as well as reflect the sun’s uv rays and seal against acid in the rain. Neglecting to touch up small nicks and chips will result in future paint failure and is not covered by manufacturer’s finish warranties.

02 — Metal frames with hand antiqued & clear coat finish

Clean with any automotive brand wash and wax combination soap and water solution semi-annually or as needed. Automotive type wash and wax soap is designed to rejuvenate the clear coat that is used to protect the hand antiquing over the powder coat finish. Look for and repair nicks and scratches by sanding lightly and touching-up paint and antiquing as they appear. Matching the antiquing may require the skill of an experienced painter. Neglecting to touch up small nicks and chips will result in future paint failure and is not covered by manufacturer’s finish warranties.

03 — Stainless Steel

As any other materials, 304 GRADE stainless steel used for most top brands of outdoor furniture requires simple care and maintenance. Semi-annual or as needed simple care maintains the original appearance. While wearing protective gloves and eye protection use stainless steel cleaner and polish. Follow each supplier’s own recommended instructions. Use of Scotch Bright Wool Pad is recommended for removal of any surface soil, marks and/or micro rust spots.

04 — Wood/Teak

Although naturally weather resistant, teak needs semi-annual or as needed care and maintenance. Without use of any natural oil or sealer treatment, they weather to weathered gray. They need to be washed with water and scrubbed with a bristle brush in the direction of wood grain semi-annually. This clears out dust and debris from the fine groves in the grain. To maintain the original wood color, protect teak furnishings with teak oil or sealer as needed. See the manufacturer’s recommendation or our specialists at Patio 1 for details. Variation in natural materials such as wood or stone is to be expected. Small hairline cracks, called crazing, are inherent in all wood after exposure to the elements, and in no way affect the integrity of your furniture. Unlike younger teak (25-30 years old) with high moisture content, older teak (50-60 years) with high oil content offers a lighter champagne gray color, no sandy feel and no loosening of joints after many years of use.

05 — Outdoor wicker woven resin

Resin in outdoor wicker stands up well to the elements only if it contains necessary amount of UV light inhibitor additive which reflects the sun’s UV rays and memory compound additive to allow for the expansion and contraction that occurs in hot and cold weather. American and European woven resin typically contain the highest amount of these additives which makes their products last much longer. Wash with mild soap and water, rinse thoroughly and apply outdoor wax and rub with a towel semi-annually or as needed. Do not use bleach and/or clorox for cleaning resin and keep all solvents such as nail polish remover or turpentine away from the furniture.

06 — PVC-coated polyesters mesh fabrics

Mesh fabric is cool and dries quickly as well as being highly resistant to weather, food and stains. They are available in open, tight and jacquard mixed with acrylic. They are recommended for slings and umbrellas only. Use a soft plastic brush and a solution of ½ cup chlorine bleach and a capful of liquid detergent (Joy) per gallon of water to wash, rinse thoroughly and have in the sun to air dry. All cushions must be washed externally. Do not take out filler to wash cover in the washing machine (you may have a hard time refilling the fillers properly).

07 — Heaters/fire tables/fire pits

Customers are responsible for providing their own gas source and must follow manufacturer’s safety and maintenance instructions. Testing all gas connections with soapy water to detect any gas leaks is of outmost importance when connecting any of the fire elements to gas tanks or natural gas. To maintain the good look of your products depending on the surface material of your fire products refer to our stainless steel and/or powder coated metals and stone or concrete tops for maintenance tips.

08 — Ceramic

Semi-annual wipe with clean cloth or sponge and lukewarm water, diluted with dish soap to remove surface dirt or marks. Rinse with cool water thoroughly. Spillages of wine, coffee, ketchup, oils and acidic substances such as vinegar should always be wiped clean immediately from all surfaces. Do not use power wash. Do not apply bleach, abrasive cleaners, or any other cleaning device that may weaken or cause the ceramic glaze to weaken or discolor.

09 — Umbrellas

Typical center pole umbrellas of 6’-11’ diameter are used as free standing or through tables. With an exception of couple of specific brands, all umbrellas when not in use or unattended must be folded down to avoid wind damage. They are designed to withstand 5-10 MPH winds. Covers must be washed semi-annually with a long arm soft plastic brush using Woolite and water. A cup of Clorox Bleach in the mix eliminates mold and mildew on 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics. Waxing the powder coated poles, umbrella stands and resin finials and lubricating all moving parts of the pole will add to longer life and better appearance of any umbrella.

10 — Glass

Outdoor glass tables feature tempered glass tops, which are very strong against vertical impact and weak against horizontal pressure. If umbrella is placed through the umbrella hole in the glass table, a proper weight umbrella stand with long neck must be used to lessen the chance of glass breakage. Umbrellas must be folded down when not in use. In strong wind conditions remove the umbrella from the table. There are no warranties against glass breakage and/or any wind damage to umbrellas. Clean the glass with regular glass cleaners such as Windex or dish soap and water with a soft sponge as needed. Outdoor furniture wax will clear the old foggy film off the glass top.

11 — Stone & Concrete tops

ll stone and concrete tops have been sealed one coat by the manufacturer and are ready to be used under covered areas. However, for open exposed areas, two additional coats of sealer are necessary for longer colorfast. Manufacturer’s specific sealers are available at any Patio1 location. Clean the tops with a soft, clean colorfast cloth using lukewarm water and mild dish soap. Any accidental spills should be wiped and cleaned immediately. Use of stone enhancer/sealer is recommended for any travertine, granite and marble as sealer. Any missing grout or stone fillers needs to be refilled prior to application of any final sealer coat.

12 — Woven loom

Unlike woven resin, it is made from continuous strands of cellulose fibers reinforced with aluminum wire, which then is painted with high quality and durable marine grade paint finish. Clean both the loom and the metal parts of the furniture with mild soap and water semi-annually or as needed. For worn out areas, let the surface area dry, sand rough areas lightly with fine grain sand paper, and then spray two or as needed coats of matching color paint. Follow the same steps for any nicks or scratches on metal parts.

13 — Acrylic & Polyester fabrics

They are stain and mildew resistant, and are available in various weights and fade warranties. To care for these fabrics, wipe away food stains with a damp cloth and wash the cushion surface externally with a soft plastic brush and a solution of ½ cup chlorine bleach and a capful of mild liquid detergent (Woolite) per gallon of water. Rinse the cushion (surface) THOROUGHLY with regular water, while standing your cushion vertically with the zipper open facing down for it to drain quicker and leave in the sun to air dry. All cushions must be washed externally. Do not take out filler to wash cover in the washing machine (you may have a hard time refilling the fillers properly).